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  1. [M]Maasym.

    Unban - hDk

    sa zicem ca ai dreptate cu ce ai spus mai sus. Vei primi unban automat...
  2. Pentru moment acces-ul iti ramane,poate mai intri cand si cand... iar pe viitor vom vedea ce urmeaza
  3. Maybe we give you one chance wait for another answear and i come after to tell you what i do be patience thanks
  4. Acceptat ! SteamID, Nick & Parola in PM !
  5. Respins ! Am inteles ca ai fost prins cu Aim. Eventual daca vrei sa-ti rectifici comportamentul sau sa ne arati ca ai dreptate iar noi gresim si am luat o decizie ce te pune intr-o postura proasta iti poti continua activitatea pe server ca pana acum si pe viitor vom vedea cum stau lucrurile ! T/C
  6. Lucrurile revin la normal,adminul in cauza isi primeste gradul si unban !
  7. sorry what did i do to lose the admin?
  8. Acceptat ! SteamID si parola in PM
  9. ariana told me that you will look at my topic for the admin and I have been waiting for that for an hour!
  10. Acceptat, pm cu steamid si parola
  11. hi!

    My name is Agim Berisa and i would like to become and admin on your server,

    sorry if i dont speak nice enlgish, its because english is not my strong suit. Here is my information:

    name: Agim Berisa

    Age: 17

    Desired grade: Belgrade, Serbia

    SteamID: STEAM_1:2136328428

    how much time do you spend on the server?

    i spend about 10-15 minutes because latelyi have a lot of things to solve around college and the trening i have. In exaxtly 3 days i will finish college so i will have enough free time at the server and i will be in the server for about 1-2 hours!

  12. what password? I do not understand.

    my steamid is: STEAM_1:0:497225200

    but I don't know what you're talking about. what password
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